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Currently Featured: Choo Chung

Artist's Statement:

   Born 1992 in South Korea with booming new technology, Choo was always emerged in both Eastern and Western culture. From a very young age Choo admired Illustrative books by Jill Barklem and Lisbeth Zwerger and imagined herself in Carroll's Wonderland. Choo dreams of  bringing out those fantastical elements into reality and therefore decided to dedicate her career on art. Currently she is pursuing her career as an illustrator in Boston, enjoying the snow wonderland of New England.


Currently Featured: Seth Berkowitz

Artist's Statement:

  Professionally trained as an architect and landscape architect, Seth has spent a significant amount of time observing, studying, and designing the built and natural environments that surround us. Through this process he has developed drawing and painting skills crafted to these professions. Over time he has evolved these skills into an art. With watercolor as his primary medium, his paintings explore the qualities of light, atmosphere, transparency, and luminosity. Seth utilizes a range of controlled to spontaneous effects that are unique to the watercolor medium. His paintings strive to achieve a richness of detail, color, and value that are true to his subject, expressed in a dynamic and lively composition.

  The process begins through the use of his own photographs and life drawings that are loosely focused on a particular subject or location, chosen for having a strong base of information in which a painting (or series of paintings) can be developed. An exploration of this information leads to the development of a design concept. With an understanding of the essence of what a particular painting wants to be, Seth further develops refined sketches focusing on the composition and value of the final painting. With these sketches at his side, Seth begins the painting process by working in layers. Gradually progressing from loose washes overlayed with more controlled brush strokes. Throughout the process Seth is always referencing his original design concept, but sometimes deviating from that concept if a stronger idea or composition reveals itself.

  Seth currently resides in the Boston area. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Seth is a member of the New England Watercolor Society and is also a licensed Architect and Landscape Architect. He further dedicates himself to his craft by teaching classes and workshops in watercolor, figure drawing, perspective drawing, and architecture and landscape architecture design studios.

Call for Art

  The Biscuit is now accepting submissions for artwork for our space. We are a local, family-owned and operated neighborhood bakery interested in promoting local emerging artists. Both solo and group opportunities are available.

To apply please send the following:

  1. A link to images on the web (if available)

  2. An artist's statement

  3. An image list including title, media, dimensions, and date work was created

Submissions may be sent online via our contact page with the subject heading of “Artist’s Request for Consideration”